World Water Week 2016 takes place from the 28th August to the 2nd September 2016

In Stockholm, Sweden, there is an annual event based around different key themes with 2016 focussing on ‘Water for Sustainable Growth’. This theme allows for a range of topics to be discussed, with key areas such as Climate Change, the 2030 Agenda and Water Management being just a few of the primary topics.

As a company, Talk training is passionate about the environment and our current Environmental Management System supports this; therefore, we want to play our part.

Prior to World Water Week 2016, Talk training had already reduced the amount of water that is used within the workplace by making some water system alterations. We now have self-closing taps in place which ensures water wastage is minimal, coupled with water reducing aids in the toilet facilities which reduces the amount of water used by 1ltr per flush!

During World Water Week 2016, Talk training will continue to promote and raise awareness of the importance of saving water by using mail-shots to staff and posting fact sheets around the building.