The following is feedback from some of those Companies employing these young people

 Total Financial Claims Solutions – Swansea

 Wayne Evans, owner of Total Financial Claims Solutions, Swansea praises the Welsh Government’s Jobs Growth Wales initiative stating “The Jobs Growth Wales scheme is an excellent way of introducing young people into the work place without placing any financial burden on the Employer”.

 “Over the last 12 months we have contacted Talk Training Limited on two separate occasions, initially during May 2012 and then during October 2012”.

 “On the 1st occasion we recruited 2 personnel to form part of our administration team – the quality of the interviewees on the 1st selection process was very high. At the end of the 6 months programme we selected one recruit, who has now become our administrator”.

 “On the 2nd recruitment, we selected 3 personnel; one went to support the administrator from the 1st recruitment and the other two formed part of our new set up”.

 “We selected two of the three to remain within the Company, the 3rd recruit left at the end of the 6 months”.

 “The 6 months lead time allows the Employer to give sufficient training to the recruit without any pressure for immediate levels of success”.

 “The service offered by Talk Training has been very professional and “hands on” allowing both Employer and Talk training to interact with a view of achieving the best results for both Employer and future employee”.

 “It has been 12 months since we started working with Talk training and I feel it has been very successful and I have recommended Talk Training to another Company”.

 “The 3 recruits that have now been taken on by our Company have all been assets to our business, which has benefited by using this method of work induction”.

 Treforys Tiny Tots Day Nurseries Limited – Swansea

 Julie Trick, Director at Treforys Tiny Tots Day Nurseries Limited, Swansea commented “We first engaged with the Jobs Growth Wales Scheme when it was launched in 2012. We have used similar schemes before and were a bit sceptical as to how this was going to work.”

 “We were very pleased and impressed by the way Talk Training run the scheme on behalf of the Welsh Government. All correspondence is dealt with promptly and efficiently and provided we get our paperwork submitted by the relevant date, payment is made within the agreed time scale”.

 “The business has expanded over the last year and we have used the scheme to increase our staff profile. The first employee started with us in May 2012 and is still in our employment. We are currently on our 7th member of staff through this scheme and to date, we have retained six”.

 “This scheme has certainly helped us grow our business and I would recommend it to other employers”.

 Round the Square Café & Food Matters – Swansea

 Emma Kamio, Co-Director of Round the Square Café & Food Matters claims “JGW Has been instrumental in developing my business, which only began 2 years ago. I have expanded three times since using the JGW scheme, and now employ 6 extra people”.

 “Talk Training has been professional and very helpful throughout the process at every level, from personnel, health & safety and finance; they have offered guidance and support through-out”.

 “I have recommended the programme to many along the way, through my net-working group and it has been great to watch the ripple effect of positive impact”.

 “Whilst, over half of my work force are young adults who need mentoring during and after the programme, I am enjoying the challenge and rewards”.

 Low Cost Vans – Swansea

 Lorraine Kitchin, HR Manager of Low Cost Vans stated “Talk training has been very helpful and informative regarding the Job Growth Wales scheme.  We have successfully recruited 2 employees following their recommendation.  This has greatly helped our business recruit the right person and helped tremendously on supporting their wages throughout their first 6 months”.

 “Without Talk training and Job Growth Wales support we could not have increased and improved our business.  We would strongly recommend Talk training to other business as the staff are very helpful and the paperwork is simple to complete each month”.

 “We are pleased we have recruited these two employees and enhanced our Customer Service Team”.