Talk training were delighted to be part of an achievement awards ceremony held at Tesco’s Cardiff Customer Service Centre on the 19th June 2012. Talk training has worked in partnership with Tesco’s Centre in Cardiff over the past 12 months, having to date successfully completed Apprenticeship programmes with over 25 employees, whilst a further 126 progress towards completion of their learning.

The success of the Tesco learning programmes is evidenced by their staff’s achievement rates which are currently 96%, compared with the 69% national average. Tesco have fully immersed themselves into the learning programmes being delivered, providing fantastic support to their learners and Talk training’s staff. A huge thank you from Talk training’s management and staff goes out to Liam Orford, Jill Aitchison and James Burgess of Tesco for their invaluable support during the learning delivery. The support from Tesco has greatly assisted the development of a mutually beneficial relationship and has very importantly ensured that their employees are motivated and proactive in meeting their learning and development commitments.

Caroline Shears, Assistant Call Centre Manager Cardiff, opened the ceremony saying:

“We’re here to celebrate your success in completing your apprenticeships and I think it’s very important that we take time out to recognise your hard work and say well done and congratulations on your achievements, I’m aware that for many of you this is a return to studying (some may be longer than others!). Added to that are the challenges of completing much of the work in your own time – something I recognise can be difficult given the juggling act many of you carry out trying to balance work, home, family and other commitments”.

“I would like to thank Phil O’Brien from Talk Training who has provided excellent support and direction, he’s made sure that the high standard of quality in the delivery is maintained at all times and also recognised the flexibility that is required in a busy contact centre”.

“Thank you, too, to the Talk Training assessors, Joanne Parsons, Sarah Miles and Tracy Welch who have been very professional and supportive in the delivery of these qualifications”

“So once again, well done, I know you’ve all signed up for a higher qualification and I wish you equal success with your studies during the coming year. I look forward to seeing you all back here at another presentation ceremony”

Talk training prides itself on its ability to build solid business relationships with its partners. The solutions provided for Tesco are accredited, cost effective, vocational training programmes. The qualifications enhance the skills and knowledge of Tesco’s staff ensuring that a professional level of customer service is delivered and Talk training looks forward to working together with Tesco’s in the future to continue to support the organisation with its staff training and development requirements.