Yesterday I completed my NVQ Diploma in project management with Talk Training.  I would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you give some feedback.

The course:

The qualification has been excellent.  I have worked in projects for many years as a Project Engineer or Project manager but have not had any formal training.  It was interesting to identify and understand the skills and knowledge I had learned over the years and validate the terms and names of the methods and the structure of the project management methodology.  This will certainly make me a more rounded project lead.  The course has also delivered multiple new teachings that I have been actively using on a regular basis since.  Methods such as Earned value management, communication plans, org charts, negotiation skills to name a few.  It has also set a standard and structure to base all my future projects.  I would certainly recommend this course and feel the structure, pace and support has been perfect for the way I learn and develop.  I would definitely say I will now be a better project manager after this course.

The assessor:

I don’t think I would have completed the course as efficiently and as well as I did if it wasn’t for my assessor.  He was exceptionally supportive and diligent, whilst pushing me to see and reach my potential when the workload was growing.  His understanding of the qualification and techniques helped to ensure I understood the requirements of the modules and greatly aided my ability to finalise my answers and finish the course work. He was a great motivator and was always available to answer queries or give guidance whenever I needed it.

Thank you to him and my Workshop Trainer and everyone in the team at Talk Training for making my qualification so successful.

I have also now initiated discussions internally to consider starting the ILM level 5 course with Talk training in the near future.