Green Dragon Environmental Standard

The Green Dragon Environmental Standard is a phased approach which recognises effective environmental management. The standard incorporates the following key principles of environmental management, which include:

Continual Environmental Improvement, Compliance with Environmental Legislation, Pollution Prevention and Communication of Environmental Issues.

Interim Environmental Statement

The Talk training board of Directors have formally committed the company to achieving Green Dragon Level 3 through our strategic business objectives.

We have been accredited to level 2 for several years and our on-going improvement plan has already achieved some of the requirements of the higher level.

Since 2009 we have set targets and steadily reduced our carbon footprint and by working towards Level 3 we will be able to set further objectives/ targets based upon more detailed analysis of our environmental aspects and impacts.

As part of our commitment to improving environmental awareness we include references to the Green Dragon Environmental Standard and European ECO-Codes in both our Employee Awareness Document and our Learner Sustainable Development Projects.

Whilst we and our employees are fully committed to reducing/ recycling waste e.g. cardboard, plastics and metals, our prime emphasis with regards to reducing our carbon footprint is focused on the following.

During the current period (August 2011 to Feb 2012) Talk training measurements of consumption and wastes were as follows:

Weight / Volume

Tonnes CO2










Recycled Paper

1860 kg’s


Although the table shows that fuel and electricity represent high CO2 consumptions further analysis is required to define how we will continue to drive forward our environmental impact objectives and targets.

Whilst recommending level 3 accreditation to the Board of Directors; Conformance Manager John Griffiths said “we are making good progress; but we need to stay ahead of the game if we wish to continue to preach what we practice”.