has been raised

Talk training have been fund raising for Rowan Tree Cancer Care throughout 2022. A total of £530 had been raised and was recently donated to Rhian Dash,  Chief Executive of Rowan Tree Cancer Care, during the January 2023 Talk Point Ein Llais (Our Voice) Staff Engagement Forum meeting at Talk training. Rhian joined us on a video conference for this meeting.

Rhian explained that the donation would be used to sustain the free services that they provide, and their charity helps anyone who comes into contact with cancer, and support can be anything from providing a counselling service, art therapy, and creative workshops to transporting people back and forth to hospital appointments. She also talked about the charity relying on many volunteers and explained that transport requests have rocketed, and that some of the donation made by Talk training could be used to cover the transport mileage costs they offer to their volunteers.

Rhian also let us know that the 12 tablets Talk training donated in 2022 are now being used. Staff have used the tablets to complete general administrative tasks for the people they support, to complete Food Hygiene and First Aid Courses, DBS checks and to place orders for their café. They have also used the tablets to support art therapy and have also installed an app to show ladies what they would look like before they have a wig fitting, by being able to choose a hairstyle and take a photo beforehand. Rhian explained that for many people hair loss is a very worrying part of the illness and being able to support ladies in this way helps to alleviate some of the worry.

Donation to Rowan Tree Cancer Care