In April we pledged to raise money for Casey, a young boy from Newport who was brain damaged at birth (see our previous article here). It was Emma Tanner, our Sales Administrator who introduced us to Casey’s Cause.  Emma has known the family from school, and had asked if we would consider Casey’s Cause as our next charity to support.  Casey’s family have provided round the clock care for him and identified some things that would help their son live the best life he can. We took on the challenge to facilitate the raising of £650 for a bubble tube. In April £250 had been raised.

Since then we have had tremendous support; one staff member jumped from the sky to raise money, and over 20 staff took part in a 5k walk. There have also been in-house raffles and dress down days, and a large jar for people’s small change; Casey’s Cause has been in the forefront of everyone’s minds.

It was on the 1st June that Zoe Hughes, Talk training’s Conformance Administrator, took to the skies at Swansea Skydive centre to raise money for Casey. Zoe said, “Doing the sky-dive to raise money for Casey meant I couldn’t chicken out at the last minute! It was scary but a fantastic experience and glad that I could help raise funds for Casey”.

The sky-dive raised over £350 in itself, so a huge success – big thanks to Zoe.

On the 21st June, over 20 staff took part in the Talk Point arranged 5k walk that began at Tonteg and ended at the Ship Inn in Llantwit Fardre. A quiz and raffle was held whilst enjoying well-earned refreshments and food. A fantastic afternoon was had by all and the event rose over £500 – well done to all involved.

Casey’s Cause touched everyone’s hearts and in June, Talk training’s employee of the month Sarah Miles donated her award to the fund. A big thank you to Sarah.

We are delighted to be able to confirm that from the sky-dive, 5k walk, in-house raffles, dress-down days, spare change bottle, beautiful cakes made by talented members of staff and other kind donations; just over £1600 was raised. The Sensory Bubble Tube needed by Casey was purchased and presented to the family by Talk training on Friday 6th September. The remainder of the funds raised will be used to help fund specialist treatment for Casey.

Steve Evans, Finance Director at Talk Training said, “We are so pleased to be able to support Casey and his family – Talk training have really been focused on raising funds and have surpassed all expectations. We wish Casey and his family the best of luck for the future”

Talk training is committed to supporting worthwhile charities and Talk Point discussions are now being had as to which charity we will focus on next. Watch this space…